Shop Fit Out

shop fit out

Seeking to utilise best practice from our range of sector expertise, we have taken the successful partnering approach of our office interior design and build projects into our retail design interiors and shop fit out.

Once again, the clients are blue chip companies, ranging from Spar, Neotel and Kitchen Express to Tops and Strauss & Co.

We understand the relationship between landlords and tenants and work hard to meet the commercial objectives of both parties during the entire length of the interior fit out project. We seek to cause minimal disruption to trading throughout the project and seek dialogue with all stakeholders from the inception to completion to ensure everything goes as smooth as possible.

We also never lose sight of one key fact ‐ we are all consumers too. We’ve felt the frustration of standing in ill-conceived stores, unable to access or identify the products or services we crave. We’ve spent what seems like hours traipsing around identikit shops on wet weekends and emerged bored, frustrated and ultimately without a purchase.

However, we don’t just moan about it to our friends ‐ we note it down. We discuss it within the team and we work on how we might improve it ‐ shopping is field research for us and we’re happy to share our findings when discussing your shop fit out ideas.

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